Jewish Involvement Theater

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What is Jewish Involvement theater?
Participants are involved in a musical theater program designed to teach Judaism and explore solutions to modern day Jewish problems.  Participants become  teachers as they interact with the program's characters and each other.  Program includes a FREE resource/activity guide designed for Jewish educators and community leaders.

Program Format

Jewish Involvement Theater works closely with you to select presentation themes and to utilize the resource and activity guide.  Participants are arranged either in rows or in circles of 6-8 people depending upon the format of the program and age of group.  A lead character (biblical or contemporary) introduces the program, sets the ground rules and links together a contemporary and biblical issue.  Characters then present your selected themes through music and interactive drama.   At the end,  the lead character returns to allow participants to personalize the issues presented.  Younger participants receive a special gold sticker.

The Resource Guide

Provides lesson plans for classrooms and to facilitate discussion
Applies Judaism and creative drama to your goals and objectives
Includes consultation, materials, Jewish themes and more.
Any themes are possible including:
  • Jewish Identity and Community
  • T'fillah, T'shuvah and Tzedakah
  • Mitzvot
  • G'meelut Chasadeem
  • Dilemmas in Jewish History
  • Bible and Talmud
  • God and Prayer
  • Spirituality 
  • Customs and Ceremonies
  • Why bad things happen to good people
  • Holocaust
  • Israel
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • And more…..
The Program is Perfect for:
    • Participants PreK-Adult
    • Religious Day or Synagogue Schools
    • Congregations
    • Jewish Agencies and Federations
    • Jewish Youth Organizations
    • Youth Groups
    • Hillel and  Student Organizations
    • Conferences and Conventions
    • Community Special Events

    References are available upon request

About Sally Fox:

Sally Fox was the creator of Jewish Involvement Theater.  She is remembered for her devotion to Jewish education and for her personal dramatic style that inspired thousands of people.  Her memory is to be for a blessing.

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